Hello, How are you?

  What if we were really honest when someone asks us how we are doing? What if we actually stopped and said ,”You know? I’m really not good. I feel miserable inside. My marriage is falling apart. My kids are stressing me out. I can’t stand my job. I am struggling with rejection. I feel alone. I have closed myself off because I don’t want to be hurt anymore. I don’t feel like I can talk to anyone because they won’t understand. I have had thoughts of suicide. ”
 What if we really said how we are? I have been pondering on this lately and I think a lot of people do this. I walk around my job and it seems routine for us all to greet each other with “Good morning. How are you?” and it’s always the same response “Good morning. I’m good. How are you?” It’s easier to smile and say that everything is ok than to let people in and tell them how much of a mess you feel at the moment and how alone you feel. How many of us do this in church too? – the place that is supposed to be where you feel safe and where you find help. Yes, we are supposed to speak faith and walk in victory. If you’re a leader you’re supposed to have it all together too, right? I know that’s not true but we are held to a higher standard and we are usually the ones helping everyone else. So what if you are having a moment where you are truly struggling and you wish you could pour out to someone without judgement. We all have had these moments, if we are honest. I am guilty of this myself. I know that I have to work on reaching out more but all of this makes me realize that we as the body of Christ should really mean it when we ask someone how they are and we should be approachable enough for people to feel that they can reach out even if it’s just for prayer. Be sensitive to those around you and be a listening ear, offer prayer, give a hug and encourage those around you. We all need it. 

~ Dez


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